Heating Repairs, Installations & Replacements

TSBC License # LGA-0105433




Boiler Repairs & Installations:

Is your boiler not working? We can determine the problem and have it up and running smoothly as quickly and efficiently as possible. Building a new house? Consider having a boiler and indirect tank installed with radiant infloor heating to provide warmth to your home instead of a furnace. Boilers can run in-floor heating as well as domestic hot water. See link for your boiler options, many sizes available to suit your needs https://ibcboiler.ca/






Furnace Repairs (gas & electric):

Furnaces often breakdown due to dirt and dust building up in the filter or from other common issues that includes defective pilot lights and thermocouples. Heat is an important part of living comfortably in your home, especially in the winter months. If you find your home suddenly without heat, please call us and we will get it fixed! If your furnace is beyond repair or simply too old to efficiently provide your heat we will install a new one at a reasonable and competetive price. https://www.americanstandardair.com/products/heating-and-cooling/furnaces/




Tankless Water HeaterWater Heaters (gas & electric):

Older water heaters are more prone to breaking down and more expensive to run. Parts rust, valves leak and sooner or later you’ll be without hot wa

ter. Regular maintenance of older models is important to keep it running for as long as possible. If you experience hot water loss or notice signs of deterioration, Lakeshore Mechanical Ltd is happy to help. We can perform a repair or ask us for a quote on high efficiency replacements. Want to go tankless? No problem! Ask us for a quote. Check out this link for tankless water heaters http://www.navieninc.com

Tankless not for you? That’s ok, we also install, repair or replace storage water heaters as well.



Other Gas Services include:

  • gas piping
  • fireplaces
  • appliance hook-ups
  • gas valves
  • meter hook-ups
  • annual gas appliance servicing